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Our Integrated Approach to IT Services

Seeking for sub-contractors to manage a project’s development may frighten some people because of the importance of the team symbiosis and the knowledge of the brand identity. 

Being aware of that, we, Alternateeve Technology, act as an integrated IT team in our clients’ projects. We accompany them from the conception of the idea to the realization and marketing of the project. 

Strengthened by a team of 25 skilled people, we posess all the vital competencies needed to your project’s realization (UX/UI Design, Back and Front-end Developers, CTO, Project managers). 

You are looking for developers to:

  • Fulfill a temporary need (replacement, recruiting gap…)

  • Accomplish a particualr task, mission

  • Establish a unique medium/long term collaboration (we can create a complete team: dev, UX/UI, CTO, …)

Why choose Alternative Technology?

Our flexible agency structure allows us to offer advanced and senior developers’ services at a competitive rate of 65$/h. We are committed to start the project in the 48 hours after the validation of the tasks with the client.  

Our project managers team and CTO ensure the holistic comprehension of the client’s needs and the efficient communication and follow-up with the team and developers.  

These tasks are conducted in our Montreal offices, in Saint-Lambert. 

+1 514 316 8994

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