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When a pandemic makes you create a new HR software

Posted on April 23, 2020

Few companies had anticipated a pandemic. Including us.

But here we are. Two choices were left: wait for it to pass and fix it after the storm or take the lead.

Alternateeve chose to roll up their sleeves and innovate.

What better time to try to do the projects we never had time to realize than now? 

When we told employees that some would face cuts and unfortunately some were going to be laid off, we never anticipated the wave of solidarity and commitment of our employees. What a nice surprise! 

They are the ones who motivated us to look for a way to secure the future of the company.

In the last few years, we have developed numerous complex platforms for our clients. Our portfolio here speaks for itself. As we always say, what motivates us is to work on complex problems and look for innovative solutions. For a long time now, we wanted to start an in-house project that we could share with the entrepreneurial community. More precisely, to create an open-source program. Now that we have some free time due to the crisis, we decided to use this freedom (a little imposed) wisely! 

Ok, let's get started! We create a customized program!

But the question that is left to be answered is... about what?

We don't want to create a program just to pass the time. We want real utility: what could be useful to companies like us? To find the answer, we needed to do a little navel-gazing.

What do we miss and would love to have?


A simple but effective human resources management software! Having a ton of Excel spreadsheets or several software to cover the complete management of our human resources tends to put us off, in addition to waste our precious time! 

While at it, we also decided to document here the complete construction of this new program in order to share our steps, our obstacles and our final version!


In the coming weeks, we'll be writing about:

  • The choice of features

  • The programming

  • The chosen technologies

  • Why open-source

  • How to finance the projects and find partners

  • The project's visual identity, and the UX / UI

  • The communication about the project


Thanks for reading!

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