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Alternateeve Technology is a web, mobile, Big data & IoT development laboratory, specialized in technical support for startups.

Our specialty? Customized project design. We also offer an applied software research expertise, as well as programmer and CTO services on demand. 

We are proud to offer personalized solutions for every step of your project, whether it’s to move into action from the concept to the execution or to provide technical resources. 

We have in-house qualified expertise for the realization of a web project in its entirety (UX/UI design, project managing, CTO, back and front-end developers).  

We position ourselves as a semi-integrated technical team to assure the development and sustainability of our clients’ projects.  




Technical support

Before embarking on the first version of a project, it is important to correctly lay the technical foundations in order to have a convincing and rapidly available MVP. Our specialists team assesses the sustainability of a project and defines the resources required.  


CTO on demand

We help our clients prioritizing the developments required according to their needs and objectives. We support them at finding and supervising their service provider. We can also help for the recruitment and supervision of their technical team. 


Semi-integrated technical department

Our technical unit has the qualifications and experience needed to easily integrate our clients’ teams and to meet their objectives in a cost-effective manner, in short and long terms.  

Web development
Mobile development

from idea to prototype

Concept &



Creative direction UX & UI


Web / Mobile



Test & Maintenance


What drives us

Finding innovative solutions to resolve complex problems.


Accompanying you throughout the development process, from the brainstorm to the project’s launch and maintenance. 

Our commitment? 

The solution that always meets your specific needs 

What is essential for us: understanding your project’s scale and needs so as to choose the most suitable technology. 

Yes, we are specialized in custom development using elaborate technologies. Would this keep us from suggesting working with simple systems such as wordpress? The answer is no. 

It’s not because it’s bigger and more expensive that it’s better. 


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